The Status of Quantum Money and Variants
QSig Workshop

Recent Developments in Quantum Money
Stanford Q-FARM Seminar, MIT iQuISE Seminar

The Space-Time Cost of Purifying Quantum Computations
Stanford Theory Lunch

Quantum Minimalism
Simons Minimal Complexity Assumptions Workshop

Another Round of Breaking and Making Quantum Money: How to Not Build It from Lattices, and More
Waterloo IQC Colloquium

Unclonable Quantum Cryptography
Simons Quantum and Lattices Workshop

Verifiable Quantum Advantage without Structure
Simons Quantum Colloquium, Stanford Theory Lunch, UT Austin Quantum Information Seminar, Simons Quantum and Lattices Workshop, Simons Quantum Industry Day 2022, APS March Meeting 2023 (Invited), Google Quantum AI Seminar

The Fundamental Formula of Post-Quantum Cryptography
ProvSec 2021 (Keynote)

Recent Developments in Quantum Copy Protection
Ben-Gurion University CS Colloquium

Post-Quantum Cryptography
Simons Quantum Colloquium

Security Reductions in a Quantum World
BIU Winterschool on Cryptography

Local Quantum Cryptography
Charles River Crypto Day

Revisiting Post-Quantum Fiat-Shamir
Simons Lattice Workshop

Quantum Lightning Never Strikes The Same State Twice
NY Theory Day, MIT CIS Seminar, IBM Watson

The Magic of ELFs
Charles River Crypto Day, TCS+

Quantum Oracle Classification: The Case of Group Structure
Princeton PACM Colloquium

Obfuscation and Weak Multilinear Maps
DIMACS Obfuscation Workshop, NY CryptoDay

Annihilation Attacks for Multilinear Maps: Cryptanalysis of Indistinguishability Obfuscation over GGH13
MIT CIS Seminar

Anonymous Traitor Tracing: How to Embed Arbitrary Information in a Key
Princeton Theory Seminar, UCLA Obfuscation Seminar, UC Berkeley Theory Lunch

Cryptography in the Age of Quantum Computers
Maryland Cybersecurity Center

Quantum Query Solvability: A Refinement of Quantum Query Complexity and Applications
QuICS Frontiers Workshop

Order-Revealing Encryption and the Hardness of Private Learning
MIT CIS Seminar

The Surprising Power of Modern Cryptography
Job Talk

Fully Secure Functional Encryption without Obfuscation
DC CryptoDay, MIT CIS Seminar

How to Avoid Obfuscation Using Witness PRFs
Oberwolfach, NY CryptoDay, UCLA Obfuscation Seminar, MIT CIS Seminar

Multiparty Key Exchange, Efficient Traitor Tracing, and More from Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Columbia Cryptography, UT Austin Algorithms and Computational Theory Seminar, Stanford Security Workshop, Princeton Theory Seminar, Harvard Theory of Computation Seminar, NYU Cryptography Seminar

Classical Cryptosystems in a Quantum World
IBM Watson

Applications of Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Stanford Theory Lunch

Quantum Computers and Cryptography
Quantors Quantum Computing Seminar

Multilinear Maps and Their Applications
Qualifying Exam Talk

The Rank Method and Applications to Post-Quantum Cryptography
Waterloo IQC Colloquium

Beyond Post-Quantum Cryptography
NY CryptoDay, MIT CIS Seminar